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            Durable window and door, creating a better life for you!
            Price’s uniqueness and stability All our windows are based on the exact size of your own specific window and are available with endless options.
            They can be customized with your choice from: different materials – UPVC and Aluminium different styles - casement, sliding, tilt and turn, 30 different opening styles glazing options – single, double and triple glazing 25 different color options 5 types of glass - obscure, decorative, security, safety, low-e 3 type screen: invisible screen, magnet screen, magic mesh screen
            Never use inferior materials With Durable window , you can benefit from: Sound-proof, effectively reduce the noise over 75%-90% Excellent insulation feature, effectively save 40-60% air-condition cost in summer UV-blocking, effectively stop 99% UV, reducing the damage to skin and prevent the furniture’s color fading and metamorphic Security: Their frames are constructed to the utmost hardness making it extremely difficult to break through or damage Installation: Our window install easily, and good-looking appearance.
            Customized door and window solutions Advanced technology, adequate supply of upstream and downstream products and precise manufacture, which fully meet the requirements of client's personality and special taste.
            Integrate management antenna into daily work. The company invested in the introduction of many sets of production and processing equipment from Germany and Italy.
            Realize the internationalization production and management normalization, in accordance with the national standards, establish a complete set of quality management and control system, so that to ensure the construction project and foreign customers to design and production of various specifications of different materials energy saving and environmental protection doors and windows.
            German technical support. Company introduce the Germany's mature production technology, product development, precision equipment, and has become the integrated international manufacturing enterprise group in the system window and door industry.
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