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            Top Hung window and door
            Upvc window and door
            Top hung window are ideal for building and windows located at height, they look elegant and are quite useful for homes and commercial buildings. Usually operated with a handle at the bottom, sometime the handle can be at the top of the window. With the top hung window, you do not need to worry about the water entering your room. And you can control the amount of ventilation to your room.
            Product Introduction
            Durable Window provide a range of top hung windows to meet different needs. Available in wide varieties of sizes and designs and colors.
            Key Features
              • A range of sizes, configurations, and colors
              • Allow excellent ventilation, and stop the water entering room
              • Saving the room space
              • Customized by customer requirements
              • Perfect for both commercial and residential buildings
              • All products carry a 15 year warranty.
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