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            Tilt-turn window and door
            Upvc window and door
            The tilt and turn windows is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the world, The window can be tilted and opened in a variety of way. When opens on the top allow the healthy and fresh air into the room, and will not hurt the people. When opens in the swing option, can allow a wide opening and easy for clean the window.
            Product Introduction
            Durable tilt turn window are our advantage product. We use the multi-cavity profiles, can provide excellent energy saving and thermal performance. Our tilt turn window are in a range of sizes, configurations, and colors to mach your home.
            Tilt turn window offering a flexible opening option for a wide variety of buildings and applications.
            Key Features
              • Long lasting and easy to clean and maintain
              • Be equipped with a multi-point locking system making the window security
              • Healthy and safe ventilation and air circulation
              • Multi-sealing, provide energy efficient and thermal performance
              • A range of sizes, configurations, and colors
              • All products carry a 15 year warranty.
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