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            Sliding window and door
            Upvc window and door
            Sliding windows and doors are the perfect addition to any room and are especially ideal if you are limited on space. The sliding sash will not take up any room in your home or interfere with your window coverings.
            Product Introduction
            Durable sliding windows have the full series, two track sliding, three track sliding, four sliding and sliding mosquito shah can be installed. A variety of colors are available, can meet the customer’s need for the home decoration.
            Key Features
              • Long last and durable
              • Very functional, easy use and maintenance
              • Energy efficient
              • Space saving and ideal if you are limited on space
              • Single glazed or double or triple glazed options as well as low E, tempered or lamination
                can be used in all our products.
              • All products carry a 15 year warranty.
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