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            FESQUA 2018
            FESQUA 2018 will be held in São Paulo on 12th-15th, September. At the exhibition we will showcase our UPVC and Aluminum windows and doors for construction industries..
            Come to meet our experts to talk about windows and doors from a reliability point of view, as well as to know the technology and quality about our products. Our sales manager will stay in Brazil from September 10th to September 20th. Welcome to consult !.

            You will find us at Booth No.: No.920 for more details, contact:   Billy Bai     0086-13007650397 
                                                                                                                       Rick Zhu    0086-13598515648.

            Exhibition: FESQUA 2018
            Date: 12th to 15th, September
            Booth NO.: No.920
            Venue: São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Brazil
            Contact:Billy & Rick Tel: 0086-13007650397 & 0086-13598515648!
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