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            Warmly celebrate the first overseas projects of Durable to start installation
            On December 8, 2017, the first batch of overseas projects of Delburg Window Industry Co., Ltd. began installation. The project is a school in Antofagasta, South America, with a total area of 1,300 square meters. In order to provide customers with high-quality services, Delft Window Industry Co., Ltd. sent professional after-sales personnel to Chile to assist in the installation.

            Chile, more than 25,000 kilometers from China, requires 48 hours of flight. The distance through half of the earth can not stop the popularity of Delborg doors and windows, allowing customers in distant countries to understand and use our products. Chilean customers have visited our company many times, and compared many door and window manufacturers at home and abroad. In the end, our company has won the trust of customers with excellent product performance and high-quality service, and chose our Delburg. At present, the doors and windows of the project have entered the stage of installation and commissioning smoothly. I wish our project to be completed smoothly and the cooperation is more enjoyable!
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